NEW Ready Fit Go – Cardio Soccer Class coming to LSC

5975 TOPAZ ST.



READY FIT GO – Cardio Soccer Classes coming = SPRING 2017

Longevity Sports Center has teamed up with former English football midfielder Simon Livett and athletic high performance specialist Korey Goodwin to create a new and exciting program that combines the heart-pumping, weight loss benefits of cardio with the fun, agility and pace of the world’s most loved sport,  soccer.


Ready Fit GoTM will change the way you’ve experienced fitness training forever – it will ignite your competitive spirit, challenge you mentally and physically, and have you laughing and having fun the whole time.


This non-stop 60-minute class combines  interval performance exercises and soccer academy training to give your heart, mind and body the ultimate workout–while improving your soccer skills.


Come get the work out of your life with a team of peers that will challenge and champion you.


If you want to improve your physical health and your soccer game, this is the program for you!


Get fit. Get better. Ready Fit GoTM.
Your heart will thank you.

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