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A developmental soccer program for boys and girls, throughout each players session, they will be evaluated, given experience chalk talks, video analysis, and the occasional homework assignment to practice at home. Players will walk away more confident, equipped for their next right step, and ready for life’s challenges on and off the field.

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*$19 per class + an Annual Membership ($35.00/year)

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  • Open enrollment and prorated class rates available

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Available Soccer Programs

Level 1: Ages 5/6, 7/8, 9-12

skills-1Focus will be on basic fundamentals of player development: dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping and how to use them effectively in a game. Level 1 will take players through weekly sessions of fundamental skill building and competitive drills/games to develop self-confidence in practice and game situations. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

Level 2: Ages 5/6, 7/8, 9-12

skills-2(By Recommendation Only)

Focus will be on continual development of individual technique, history of the game, positioning, and speed and agility. Level 2 will take players through a challenging 1 hour weekly session of driving competence of the fundamentals, defining of positions, and development of personal strengths and how to contribute those strengths to enhance team play. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

Level 3: Ages 9+

skills-3(By Recommendation Only)

Focus will be on individual position specific training, tactical insight, systems of play, as well as speed and agility. Level 3 will take players through a challenging 1 hour weekly session of mastery of the fundamentals, position responsibilities, tactical approaches, as well as attacking/defending. Player to coach ratio is 8:1.

SI Team Training

Trained Skills Institute Instructors will provide the entire team with technical instruction aimed at areas of improvement for your team specific. SI Team Training is a great way to enhance:

  • Team chemistry
  • Systems of play
  • Tactical insight
  • Positioning
  • Speed & agility

This is a great crash course on smaller modified systems of play for teams who have not played indoor soccer or modified outdoor.