Important – COVID -19 League Update 7/31/20

Hello LSC Families:
With Nevada businesses continuing to stay open during this time, Governor Sisolak is sending ambassadors around the Vegas Valley to make sure businesses are following guidelines. PLEASE HELP US STAY OPEN and FOLLOW OUR GUIDELINES during this time.
 If you are over the age of 9, MASKS are MANDATORY when entering, and when inside the facility. Masks must cover both the nose and mouth. If you are not wearing a mask or face shield, you WILL BE TURNED AWAY or asked to leave. Players over the age of 9, you will have to wear a mask when warming up outside the field. We will be politely reminding people throughout the day if we see a mask not on correctly. The only time a mask becomes optional is for the players when on the field/player’s box. When players over the age of 9 come off the field, the mask must immediately go back on.
We kindly ask that players/parents limit the number of people attending games to 1 Parent/Guardian per child player. While we appreciate all those who followed this guideline, there are those individuals who have not. For the time being, this is now MANDATORY. The 1 Parent per 1 Child player rule is to help limit the number of people in the building, thus allowing for more effective social distancing. While ideally we would like whole families to come, just adding an additional parent per player would immediately double the number of people in the building. So please do your part in this community effort and ONLY have 1 Parent per 1 Child player.
We understand this is tough. As a community and as a family business, we have never had to deal with circumstances like this. We want Longevity Sports Center to be a fun place for families and our community. We are doing our best under the current pandemic situation and under the Governor’s orders and we kindly ask for your support in following and enforcing these guidelines so that we can stay open.
We understand there are single parents with multiple children and other special circumstances. If you must bring additional people, please email me at least 3 hours before your child’s game time. If the special circumstance allows another adult to come, this additional person MUST view the game from the upper level. Email me at [email protected] with your circumstance.
We will be administering temperature checks upon entry. If you or your child is feeling sick, ill or under the weather in the slightest, DO NOT ENTER THE FACILITY.
There will be a side EXIT on the northeast side of the building. You will not leave the same way you entered.
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.
Thank you for supporting our small business.
James Song
General Manager

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