COVID -19 Update March 16


  • Tahtyana Cook says:

    Will you guys be issuing refunds during this uncertain times for seasons started that may not be able to be completed ?

  • Michelle Basta says:

    We are looking forward to getting back to soccer. We signed our son up for soccer camp over Spring Break, I was wondering when we would be refunded since the camp didn’t happen.

    • Longevity Sports Center says:

      For all refund issues regarding COVID-19, please feel free to reach us at [email protected] our team will be able to assist you. You may also check LSC’s latest news updates on current league date changes and more.

  • Kayla Machuca says:

    We would like to have our payment refunded (prorated amount) as our son was only able to attend 2 of the classes we paid for. How is LSC handling this?

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