Add Gymnastics to your little ones activities


The Longevity Sports Center proudly offers indoor soccer & baseball training for little ones as young as 2 years old with Lil’ Kickers- Soccer for Kids and Lil’ Sluggers – Baseball for Kids.

However we understand kids need and thrive on a variety of healthy activities to keep them moving, healthy and meeting new friends. For these reasons, we’d like to share the following class options with our friends just down the street from The LSC at Fern Adair Dance Academy:


“Gladiator” is an exciting new BOY’S ONLY program that fuses Gymnastics, Hip Hop and Breakdancing, while focusing on strength, coordination, flexibility and total body conditioning.  Every class ends with an obstacle course which challenges the student’s agility, endurance and stamina via running, jumping, climbing and other plyometric exercises. “Gladiator”:

*Combines athleticism & endurance training with hip hop and gymnastics technique

*Provides a fun and safe environment for socialization growth and team building

*Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and is a CrossFit workout that complements other sports young boys participate in throughout the year (football, baseball, soccer, etc.).

* Is a class for guys, taught by guys!

 questions, call  702-458-7575

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