To Our Longevity Sports Center Family,


A parent texted me this morning the following:


“I asked [my 9 year-old son] if he was going to be able to play with a mask on and he said yes, he would do whatever it took… he even said that he would wear his underwear on his head if it means he gets to play.” – J.


We all thought that this text epitomizes how important sports can be to so many children and adults! Having said that, please find following our message regarding the Governor’s latest COVID requirements:


Per Governor Sisolak’s new initiatives to address the Nevada’s increase in Covid cases, the Longevity Sports Center is placing new guidelines & practices for all league operations starting at 12:00AM, November 24, 2020:



  • Masks must be worn at all times when in the facility and MUST BE WORN DURING PLAY/ON FIELD (For Youth & Adult Leagues). [LSC recommendation: find a good sports mask that is well designed for sports activities.]




  • No Spectators for adult and youth leagues. For Youth Leagues, only 1 adult per registered child. (We are sorry that we have to require this but it is the Governor’s directive.)



  • No Private Rentals from November 24, 2020 through December 15, 2020.


The Longevity Sports Center is classified as a recreational center for sports. In Governor Sisolak’s New Nevada COVID-19 restrictions, there were no changes announced regarding capacity at community and recreational centers. Therefore our current capacity restrictions are still in effect.


Upon our last reopening, our LSC Sports Covid-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan was approved by Clark County’s Department of Business and Industry. We will continue to abide by those strict requirements and strong safety plan.


As a note- Governor Sisolak’s reference to “paus[ing]” was in regards to soccer tournaments–where many teams were coming in from problematic states like California, Utah and Arizona. This “pause” does not refer to our league play within our LSC community, only to tournament play.


We know that these are troubling times for so many, including all of us. When weighing the options of staying open versus closing, and hearing the many, many LSC customer messages and opinions pleading with us to stay open for the positive sake of our community’s mental and emotional health, we are proud that we have a place where people can find mental and emotional health during a very anxiety-ridden time.


We are a family business and as a family, we see no issue continuing with the new restrictions in place as long as our LSC community unites together!


The biggest restriction is that MASKS MUST BE WORN DURING PLAY (FOR YOUTH AND ADULTS) as per Governor Sisolak’s announcement that face coverings must be worn at all times, regardless of physical activity.


There are already many child players in the youth league who wear masks during play. I myself have been wearing a mask to play since the start of the pandemic. There are many companies that make masks more suitable for sports such as Mission and Under Armour.


If any teams are not comfortable with these new mandates, please contact your league manager to discuss options (see contact emails below). Hopefully these restrictions will only be in place until December 15, 2020.


Of course if you have any family members with health risks, or are at any time feeling sick, ill or under the weather in the slightest, or have a pending Covid test, DO NOT ENTER THE FACILITY.


As for now, we continue onwards with these new guidelines and directives in place.


It looks like there are positive vaccines on the way so there definitely seems to be a light showing at the end of this long dark tunnel so let’s have strong hope and faith that COVID will end in the months ahead!


Thank you LSC Family.


Stay Strong. Stay Healthy.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are so grateful for our LSC Community!



General Manager

Longevity Sports Center




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WEDNESDAY MEN’S OVER 35+: [email protected]

THURSDAY COED OPEN: [email protected]

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