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What should my child bring?

Campers should bring a water bottle as well as any allergy or emergency medicine if needed. We strongly encourage campers to write their name on everything they bring to camp – including soccer balls, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.

What should my child wear?

Campers should wear comfortable clothes to run and play in, as well as socks and athletic shoes. NO outdoor cleats are allowed at Longevity Sports Center.

How about snacks and lunch?

We provide campers with 2 snacks/day. Full-day campers need to bring a lunch.

What activities will my child be doing at camp?

  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Basketball
  • And More!

Who is supervising my child?

Well qualified and trained coaches are with the kids at all times, they love what they do and are great with kids of all ages! Coach to camper ratio is 10:1.

How are campers divided into groups?

We group kids into the proper age ranges, taking into consideration social and cognitive levels since they will be matched up to appropriate and interactive activities accordingly. If siblings are close in age but they are divided, they do have the option to join each other. However, we recommend that the children remain in their proper age groups so that they benefit the most from their time at summer camp.

Camp Transfers?

Camps are non-refundable, however you may transfer your child to a different week of camp. No transfers or refunds will be issued the day of camp.

What time is After Care?

After Care starts promptly at 4:00pm and will end at 5:00pm,this is an additional $10 charge. Children will be given coloring activities, card games, etc. and will be sat at a table with Coach Supervision.

Can I sign up my 4 year old who is about turn 5?

Yes, however this is only with permission from our camp director. If your child does not participate or is unable to stay the entire camp time, requiring an early pick up you will not be eligible for a refund or credit.

If my child has an allergy or needs to take medication, who do I contact?

You should contact the camp coordinator when checking your child in at the front desk. Let them know of any allergies or medication your child may need, such as an EpiPen. They will notify the rest of the staff and have the medicine kept in safe and centrally located area.

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