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Current Adult Season Leagues

  • Monday Women's - November 27
  • Tuesday Men's Over (30+) - December 5
  • Wednesday Men's  (35+) - December 27
  • Thursday Co-Ed -November 9
  • Friday Co-Ed - January 19
  • Sunday Men's Open - November 19
  • Sunday Co-Ed 30 Something (30+) - December 10
  • NEW- Monday Flag Football - December 4

“40 Something” rules: Each team may have 2 players between 35 and 40, and the goalie can be over 30.

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Free Agent

Free Agent’s have their first name and last initial displayed on the Longevity Sports Center website for Team Managers to scout and find players for their teams. Only Team Managers and the Longevity Sports Center team will be able to view your personal data.


Team Manager

After approval by a Longevity Sports Center administrator, Team Managers can contact available Free Agents as well as list any available positions your team may have open.